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John FeltmateMJ MeakesNancy Delorme
Bryan WilsonVincent Lee-ChongTanya Shelaga

John Feltmate is a consultant in broadcasting matters and an accredited member of the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists (OACETT) and a member of the Canadian Association of Broadcast Consulting Engineers. A member of the Canadian Cable Television Association's Pioneers Club, he sits on the Broadcasting Technical Advisory Committee (B-TAC) chaired by Industry Canada and consisting of consulting engineers from the public and private sectors, and is a volunteer Board Member for the fledgling Canadian Cable Communications Museum. A graduate of Humber College of Applied Arts and Technology, John as a teenager owned and operated his own cable television system in Rexdale, Ontario. The system was sold in 1970 to Rogers Communications.

John began his professional career in the private sector, specifically in the Engineering planning and development (Cartography) branch at the head office of Maclean Hunter's cable operations. He moved on to become Head of Technical Services for Keeble Cable in Toronto and then a consultant for Lindsay CATV System, now Lindsay Cablecom, in Lindsay, Ontario.

In early 1972, John joined the Licensing Policy and Administration Branch of the Canadian Radio -television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC, "the Commission") where he was involved in the licensing of a number of key undertakings (both over-the-air and cable) in the Ontario region. In 1975 he went on to the Commission's Cable Development and Technical Planning Branches and ultimately to the Broadcasting Distribution and Technology Branch where he functioned as the resident expert on cable technology, signal carriage requirements and simultaneous substitution. In this regard, he was required to assist in the enforcement of Commission policies and regulations, act as a consultant to the RCMP and function as an expert witness with cases going to the Supreme Court of Canada. Between 1993 and 1997, when he retired from the Commission, John oversaw all aspects of the establishment of the CRTC's Global Information System (GIS) database, including the preparation, loading and debugging of data, software adaptation, demonstrations, and training.

John now advises on broadcasting matters related to priority carriage requirements, service area boundaries and fixes to database systems. His clients include CRTC, Industry Canada, Association of Canadian Advertisers, TVRadioNow Corp., Baton Broadcasting Systems, CAP Broadcasting, Power Broadcasting, Corus Broadcasting, Cogeco TV (QC), Cogeco Cable (ON), UMG Communications, Crossroads Television System, Netstar Communications, The Sports Network (TSN), the legal firms of "Johnson & Buchan", and "Lavery, De Billy", and the engineering firms of Pierre Labarre and Associates and Stacey, Lawson Associates. Among other things, he is currently involved in the updating of Industry Canada's broadcasting database/mapping GIS system.

In mid 2000 one of his clients requested that he gather field data for Northumberland Cable TV Limited and the Town of Cobourg, Ontario PUC. This was the start of precision rapid infrastructure field data collection. Since that time he does work regularly for Cogeco cable and Lakefront Utilities. As well, data has been contracted and collected for DMTI Spatial, and municipal information has been provided to Township of Greater Madawaska (Calabogie), Ontario, the Town of Renfew, Ontario, and most recently to the Twp of Rideau Lakes.

In the beginning the precision equipment was leased. Now the equipment is owned including laser guns and real time differentially corrected GPS systems. Sub-metre accuracies and experienced crews are available. Within the last year in one shift in a single sub-division 2650 points were acquired. This was done under ideal conditions. More typically gathering of more than 200 points an hour is not uncommon.

M J Meakes

Mrs. Meakes is an experienced data logger and laser gun operator and has an incredible ability to log data accurately and quickly. She is an accomplished musician and when once asked about her data logging ability she said "... it's like playing a musical instrument, if you have to think about it you have already screwed up...". MJ as she likes to be called, continually breaks her own data logging records. In one shift recently she logged 2650 points with attributed addresses without loss of data resolution. She is a valuable component of our field collection team.

Nancy Delorme

Ms Delorme is an experienced data logger and laser gun operator. She has an ability to find the correct target and acquire it when no one else can. Nancy does not rack up the numbers like her colleagues but she is able to complete the job that others can not. Her accuracy is generally the highest among the loggers. Nancy has been with me the longest and started before we had access to laser range finders. She has first hand knowledge with getting into the field to get to the data up close and personal. The only time she failed to do so was in a situation where she was going to have to share the same space with a fully grown bull. The bull seemed to take exception to her orange reflective T shirt. We used other means on that point.

Bryan Wilson

Mr Wilson has a degree from the University of Ottawa in Environmental Sciences with additional courses in GIS. Bryan has worked part time working with field crews and post processing data. He looks forward to increased volumes of work loads so that he can handle all post processing coming in from the field.

Vincent Lee-Chong

Mr. Lee-Chong has a degree in electrical engineering from the University of British Columbia and a certificate in business administration from the University of Ottawa. Vince is a retired civil servant having spent the last 15 plus years of his career in the Public Service with the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). His most recent project involved the forensic valuation of a broadcasting company used as a basis of settlement in a civil matter with assets of more than 50 million dollars at risk. The client was very pleased with the outcome.
His current philosophy is that he does projects, but does not want an all-day job.


Tanya Shelaga

Tanya Shelaga is a graduate of Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology and comes to us with several skills. She has a natural ability to navigate with a keen sense of direction. When asked about this she said “ I think it comes from mentally doing dead reckoning navigation on Dad’s sail boat”. She was also part of the team that worked with MJ in logging 2650 points in one shift. She is a very laid back kind of person. If you make a blonde assumption with her, her razor sharp mind will disabuse you of that notion long before her tongue is called into play

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