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Some recent projects . .

A Current Project: The Office of Consumer Affairs of the Federal Ministry of Industry Canada has contracted us to advise on the transition from over-the-air analog television to digital television. Our role is to assist in the issuance of notices to the Public and the creation of web pages explaining the changes that are coming to Canada. Specifically, it is our task to make sure the information is accurate and useful. This transition period for Canada will last until 2011. A factor complicating the Canadian transition is a similar transition in the US that will be completed by the February 17, 2009. The first impact will be to over-the-air reception of US stations followed by changes to domestic stations, and cable/satellite systems.

Team Ottawa-Orléans/Équipe Ottawa-Orléans is a community based social economic development organization. Team Orléans received a Provincial grant to produce a map of the community walking and nature trails in the Orléans and Blackburn Hamlet areas. John E.Feltmate C.E.T. Consulting Services was appointed Chief Cartographer for the project. The project was completed and, without additional cost, went on to include bicycle friendly roads and sidewalks within the community. See their website.

Approximately 120 kilometres of trails and paths together with over 160 sidewalks and interconnecting walkways were mapped. The purpose of the map is to encourage residents to use the community facilities. This is the first comprehensive map of sidewalks and trails and will go a long way to improving safety in isolated areas.

Sandra MacInnis, Executive Director of Team Ottawa-Orléans comments:

"When we began the Orléans Trails Strategy, we were pretty naïve as to the degree of expertise that would be required to bring our project to completion.  Feltmate Consulting not only educated our group, they created a product that will provide our community with years of practical enjoyment of the green spaces in our area.  John Feltmate and his colleagues are to be commended for their professionalism and dedication to the task at hand."

Cogeco Cable of Burlington, Ontario has employed us to do a variety of things. Specifically they requested that we collect infrastructure data. The first request was the location of utility poles, and pedestals as plant support structure. The client was later able to use this information in their Autocad system and GIS mapping database.

The second request was to obtain locations of addresses within 75 metres of their cable plant facilities. The end result was a digital address map of the communities. This allowed Cogeco to comply with various financial reporting requirements. Both projects required sub-metre or better accuracies.

Similar projects have been undertaken with other utilities in the water and electrical fields.


Corus Entertainment in Kingston, Ontario, operators of television station CKWS-TV, has used us for a number of items. In the establishment of a new rebroadcast station, we were engaged to assist their broadcast consulting engineer on the placement of the tower. The tower placement ensured maximum cable carriage under the regulations without any loss of over-the-air audience. This placement had the potential of doubling the “home” audience of the station.


Industry Canada of Ottawa has used our services to digitize all of their paper maps showing the broadcast service contours of all AM, FM, TV, and DT stations in Canada. However, as the majority of broadcast consulting engineers have begun to submit maps to Industry Canada in digital form, Industry Canada will in future update the contour maps themselves.


Lakefront Utilities, a private company municipally owned, is currently talking to us about improvements to the mapping systems for systems under their management.

Comments from our clients . . .

From John Tucker, Former VP Regional Director, Power Broadcasting Inc.

"During the 1990's, John was instrumental in assisting us at Power Broadcasting during the implementation phase of our terrestrial transmitter grid for our Kingston television station.

"We had multiple goals:
  • maximize audience reach
  • ensure cable carriage priority
  • minimize cost

"As these goals are not necessarily compatible, John was able to provide analysis incorporating both the CRTC Broadcast Priority regulations with a computer-aided layout of cable system distribution. John was able to explain these data to the layperson as well as to the broadcast engineering consultant. The result? Future audience growth and maximum return on investment on the capital project.

"Thanks John!"


From Cliff Lee, Cadd/GIS Administator, COGECO CABLE INC

"Cogeco over the past several years has acquired a number of smaller cable television systems. These systems utilized in many cases a paper mapping system or basic CAD system not fully compatible to Cogeco's existing AM/FM/GIS mapping system.  John's company allowed us to convert the other systems and roll that information into our operation.  This was done at significantly lower costs and ahead of schedule, exceeding Cogeco's expectations.
"In another critical project stemming from legislative compliance issues Cogeco had to determine the exact number of actual vs potential customers within its service territories. Most Cable Operators know approximately what this number is, however Cogeco wanted a higher level of confidence, as an internal requirement each address had to be located within a predetermined distance from of our existing plant. We initially used students on this project, equipped with handheld GPS each student was to walk a designated route and collect address locations. The equipment had a high capital cost, proved to be technically problematic, and the efficiencies and consistencies of the student surveyors generated as many problems as they did solutions.
"John's company was brought in to assist and right-off-the-mark the precision surpassed the students with the high priced GPS equipment, with a several fold increase in productivity. Subsequent to the first project in this area technical and procedural changes have been made to the method the data is collected. These changes gave Cogeco a vastly improved data quality at a cost lower than utilizing summer students."

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